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I'm Livy Nelson, aka Livy Has No Life, a multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator now living in South West Scotland. I graduated with a Masters in Illustration from the University of Portsmouth in 2018.

The earliest memory I have of using colour was mixing play dough together and thinking that I had invented pink. Since then colour has been a huge part of my life and has played a huge part in my artistic development. 

My most recent work deals with psychedelic and surreal paintings. The artwork is a vivid exploration of colour and imagination, with a vibrant, fantasy style aesthetic.


The mountains and seascapes that I grew up around remain a great source of inspiration to me, from the vibrant and contrasting colours to the environments themselves. I also developed a strong love for the natural world and an interest in environmental issues.


My strong DIY ethos can be seen throughout my work as well as in my practice. I enjoy collaborating with other creatives from other painters to fashion designers. This interest led me to create my own creative collective, Broken Bones Collective. This collective focuses on adrenaline sports, my other passion.


I have organised and curated exhibitions and creative events such as The Masters of Illustration Exhibition, 2018. I have been involved in a number of projects including “The Inventors” with Aspex Gallery. Through this I began running creative workshops at the gallery, Family Saturday and helped the gallery to raise funds through my artwork (more here and here). I was given the Santander Mobility Award in 2018 that allowed me to take my art practice to Switzerland and was also selected for the Pop-Up Brighton Emerging Artist Award, 2018.


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Spring Fling 2020, Dumfries and Galloway.

'Across The Sea', Island Arts Centre, Ireland.

Upfest 2020, Bristol..


Shake Bristol Illustration Fair. 1st March.

The Oven's Salon Exhibition, Dumfries, Scotland. 6th - 21st December 2019.

Cluster Illustration, London. May 1st 2019 Opening night, Open until the 5th.

Pop-Up Brighton Emerging Artist AwardDecember 2018. Selected from artists exhibiting across 2018  to take part in a final group exhibition.  

Masters of Illustration Exhibition, SouthseaCoast Guard Studio, November 1st 2018.   This exhibition was organised and Curated by Livy Nelson.

Masters of Illustration Fundraiser, SouthseaCoast Guard Studio, September 2018. Showcasing both personal work as well as Broken Bones Collective work to raise money for 'The Masters of Illustration Exhibition'. Event here. Organised and Curated by Livy Nelson. 

Pop-Up Brighton, The Love-Box Pop-Up 2018. Exhibiting Alps and Ambivalence (here) alongside 10 other local artists with the idea of alternative love. This exhibition space was the venue for many events in February. More information here.

New Designers 2016, London. Exhibiting selected work along side other illustrators and designers.

Alt Open House 2016, Brighton. Alt Open House uses venues across Brighton to showcase local artists work. More information here

Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries Graduate Show 2016Exhibiting work I had been producing over the period of a year along side my fellow third year Illustration peers. 

XXV Art Fundraiser, Brighton for Brighton Housing Trust, The Lounge Bar, Brighton. Exhibiting and selling work including once piece of live artwork that was auctioned at the end of the night. Exhibiting alongside local artists using a range of disciplines. 


Mail Art Collection contribution displayed in The Dental Academy, University of Portsmouth Library and the Degree show.  Working to the theme of “exchange” to create a unique piece of artwork to fit inside an A5 envelope. More about this here.



Aspex Gallery 3 Years On, Family Saturday, here.   

Pompey Illustration Alumni News. Cluster Exhibition, here.


Creative Workshop Leader for Family Saturdays, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth. "I am currently running the amazing Family Saturday workshops at Aspex Gallery every second Saturday. This includes planning workshops based on current exhibitions  and hosting the event itself." These are workshops hosted by Aspex Gallery and are open to the public free of charge for any age.    

Winner of Santander Mobility Award. "I was fortunate enough to win this award. This allowed me to go to the Swiss Alps which furthered my knowledge and drawing skills of mountains and environments for my personal project: Mountains and The Sublime." More here.

Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth. "I was chosen to be one of the Aspex Gallery Ambassadors as part of The Inventors, Summer 2018. This is part of the Surface Tension project which directly engages the audience at Victorious Festival (here)." Through a range of workshops looking at the creative industry and the behind the scenes workings of the gallery, the ambassadors could choose an area of expertise to develop and be part of during the festival. More about The Inventors here and the experience here.

Design Academy, London. "I was chosen to be included in The Design Council’s new program for the UK’s most promising design students. This was a four-day module based on the Design Councils system for innovation, tackling major social issues under “Design for Care”.  This required us to work in interdisciplinary teams to collaborate, develop and reach an outcome that was then presented to a panel at the Design Council in London."


Error Solutions/Lovenskate, London. Two week placement at a screen-printing specialists based in North East London. Tasks included thorough quality control of garments, checking marks, printing errors and packing. Helping to prepare hundreds of skateboards, cleaning them up and the very delicate process of shrink wrapping. Preparing, priming, exposing and washing silk screens.   


LWGSP Apparel T-Shirt Printing, Portsmouth. Silk Screen printing illustrations onto t-shirts and hoodies. Liaison with clients in regards to pricing and deadlines. Thorough quality control of garments and packaging was also necessary. 


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