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Long, Long Trip

Commissioned by solo musician Lester Gartland for his professional SoundCloud. 

I was asked to create a piece in the form of an album cover to be used for Gartland's online presence. I worked with Gartland throughout this project to realise his vision. He wanted the piece to be colouful and contain a bear mauling a cartoon mouse. It should also include a desert with elements of thrown away items. It should also be psychadelic to compliment the Lester Gartland's music. 

I wanted to explore my own techniques in painting through this piece which created this range of textures and tones. Through colour, contrast and surreal imagery I was able to create this psychedelic piece. 

This piece along with 'Drop LSD' where exhibited in The Hare and Hounds, Brighton for Alt Open House 2016.

This piece is displayed in a found frame that has been painted to give it new life. The picture frame inset is made from painted cardboard that has carefully been cut out to show some of original details of the card. 

Bellow shows the original Long, Long Trip piece alongside the second piece, Drop LSD (click here to see more).