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Exploring The History of Youth Subcultures 

and their communal use of drugs

Zine exploring exploring the history of Youth Subultures and their communal use of drugs, illustrated by myself with guest illustrator James Kirby.  

This Zine comes from my Research Paper that was written during my third year of University. I have always been interested in subcultures so it was only natural that I look further into these, focusing on subcultures post WWII and touching briefly on the youth cultures of today. During my research into the history, I became interested in the communal drug use and how the substance changed along with the movements of the subcultures. 

LSD. Felt tip and water.

Limited run of Zines available in pink or blue each with varied coloured pages. Each issue comes with an LSD badge and is packaged in a plastic baggie. Bound with staples and trimmed by hand. 

The first run has sold out but I will be doing another run if there is demand. Please head to my shop for more information.