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Pulled You In

Created as part of a project based around the collection of ephemera with focus on ring pulls. 

This pieces stemmed from research into archaeology and paleontology. Imagine you're are an archaeologist or paleontologist of the future and you discover this strange, small, hard shape under the ground. What could it be? Is it par of ancient jewelry? Perhaps it was a devise used for mind control? It could be a new and undiscovered and extinct specimen. Or perhaps it is something natural and unknown, could it be the scales from some creature? 

I explored this idea through various avenues using print print as well as the ephemera it's self. Before looking more closely at how they could be seen as scales I looked at the various differences in certain ring pulls and began to research Zoological Nomenclature and put my "species" into categories with two part Latin names. You can see the Zine I made from this idea here

I moved on to look at them not as species in themselves but part of them. I looked at the wings of butterflies, strong and iridescent, the scales of fish with their reflectiveness but I looked more closely at reptiles and dinosaurs as this is where one of my main passions lies.

This piece was made from ring pills and hot glue. I wanted the structure to work without a central skeleton that would detract from the ring pull. In this way, the piece is hollow and one is able to see though it. 

Another reason for choosing hot glue is that when touched, this piece has a 'reptilian' feel to it, it is not solid but has a slight movement to it. 

This piece was photographed outside as well as in a studio to see what would happen when the forgotten ring pull was taken back to the street in it's new form. 

You can view more on this project here.