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Sauze D'Oulx 2016-17

Design commissioned by Neilson Holidays, Sauze Doulx to be used on the end of season hoodies. Commissioned to create a front and back design. 

For this piece, I wanted to create something different to the usual design, outside of thinking simply about mountains, skiing or other winter activities. I decided to create the image based around an element of the winter season 2016-17 that the Neilson team all shared. This turned out to be Hera, the Alaskan Malamute that was known well by all the team and within Sauze D'oulx village. 

I had discovered that every member of the Neilson team was passionate about skiing or snowboarding so this too has to be an important part of the image. The team asked that I specify that they where the Sauze D'oulx team and the years 2016-17. I wanted this to be included but didn't want it to be overly obvious at first. 


This design was repeated on the front and the back of the hoodie. The front was a small design and the back a larger. I also added the Sauze text onto the front pockets. 




In addition I decided to contact some of the establishments in the village that the team visited who agreed to have their logo on the hoodies. As well as this I contacted a local artist and freeride skier who is responsible for #nofriendsonpowederdays, Laurens Belmondo. He agreed to have the No Friends logo as part of the apparel. The Neilson team where also a fan of the brand Planks so I got in contact with them. I would like to thank them for accepting to be park of this experience.

Design on hoodie.

I worked with End of Season Hoodies  to realise these. I chose to work with this company here as it allowed the Neilson team to choose their own styles of garment as well as colour. 

Photo's shared on Social Media by the team.