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Sea Gals

Initially these pieces where created to a brief for a local shop in Portsmouth. The shop was looking for new card designs that where based around Portsmouth, this could be something specific such a landmark or a feeling.


I decided to focus on the skate community of Southsea drawing inspiration from Southsea Skatepark. I have always been interested is skateboard culture so it was natural that I was drawn to this element of within the city. I have also been part of and following the growing population of female skateboarders. This led me to look at the history of girls that skate.  


I also wanted to add an elements of the sea side and decided on sea gulls. These images are collaged from archived images of female skateboarders which have been cellulosed. The heads of the Sea Gals have them been drawn on with fine liner. 

For the design on the greetings card I wanted to create something that would compliment the theme I was working towards.I had the idea of having the cards int he shape of a skateboard where the images I had been developing would work as the skateboard graphic. I decided to make the cards out of plywood that would be laser cut so that they would have a closer feel to a skateboard than card. 


I designed two designs: one in yellow that would have the image screen printed onto the underside of the deck. The reverse side to this would have an area to write on. 

The other, in pink with the image collaged onto the underside. This deck would have black sand to look like grip tape. This design has a label attached to write on and a hand made envelope.  

From the original pieces I made a run of limited prints 

available in A4 and A3. These can be found on my shop.